Diadora Borg Elite - A detailed History

Published: 22nd September 2010
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Diadora has a long history of quality footwear. The Veneto region in Italy became the centre of quality italian footwear due to it's unique location on the Italy and Austrian border and it's ability to provide footwear to the military.

In 1948, Marcello Danieli and his wife created the brand Diadora, a name derived from the Greeks meaning 'to share gifts and honor'.

After the war the company became famous for climbing boots and soon became a well known brand in Italy. During the 60's, Diadora was the sports brand to be seen in for all sports and leisure activities.

In the 70s sportswear exploded and Diadora began to combine leather with new high performance materials, producing incredible looking trainers combined with durability, quality and responsiveness..

It was during the 1970s that Diadora started it's legendary partnership with sporting superstars, including Bjorn Borg. Seen as the ultimate tennis shoe the Diadora Borg Elite was the leading most desired fashion shoe of 1981 afforded by few.

The ultimate tennis legend for some years everything Bjorn Borg wore turned to Gold. Borgs match winning Fila outfit was a hit with UK Football casuals and the tennis elite.

A long term sponsor deal with Diadora saw the arrival of the Diadora Borg Elite Gold in 1981 with a premium soft kangaroo leather. One of the most expensive shoes of the time yet still the most desired by many known casuals who looked to be one up on rival fans with the best threads. The diadora borg elite was also released in slightly more affordable colours of white with blue stripes.

Since 1981 the Diadora Elite has been re-released every 5 years with trainer collectors buying 2-3 pairs. The Diadora Borg elite Gold last came out in 2010 at a today's retail of 105, Films like The Firm and collectors sites have seen the profile and awareness of the Trainers reach an all time high since 1981 with many lads now in their 40s finding they can finally afford it.

Neil is a huge fan of the 80s Casual Scene. As one of the few stockists of the Diadora Borg Elite and Diadora Borg Elite Gold there isn't much Neil doesn't know about Casual Classics. Find out more at www.80sCasualClassics.co.uk.

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